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  Positano Hotel Eden Roc Positano

The Eden Roc Suites Hotel is aptly named, for you will surely feel you have discovered Eden as you...

  Positano Hotel Pasitea

Located on the characteristic “rock of Positano” the Best Western Hotel Pasitea is a perfect exa...

  Positano Tramonto D'Oro (Praiano)

In The Heart of the World-wide celebrated Amalfi Coast, the Hotel Tramonto D'Oro, literally "Golden ...

  Positano Villa Gabrisa

Hotel in Positano located in a fabulous residential section of Positano, Villa Gabrisa is only a 10 ...

  Positano Casa Albertina

To climb heavenwards it is also possible to use the steps: those of the mythical ''Scalinatella" whi...

  Positano Hotel Montemare

The Montemare was founded 52 years ago by "Papà Vito", known as "O’ Capitano", a man who truly lo...

  Positano Hotel Royal Prisco

Newly built, it offers you all the hospitality and the courtesy typical of Positano. Between the sea...

  Positano Hotel Reginella

Hotel Reginella is a typical local building situated in the heart of Positano. The hotel is surround...

  Positano La Rosa dei Venti di Positano

Harmonious and enchanting Positano, the pearl of the Amalfi coast, you can find a comfortable and el...

  Positano Pensione Il Canneto

The residence is located by the main road of Positano, probably at the most peaceful part of Amalfi ...

  Positano Villa Holiday in Positano

The Holiday Villa in Positano is one of the most desirable location for your dream holiday in Amalfi...

  Positano Villa Flavio Gioia

Villa Flavio Gioia is a luxury residence, property of the Cinque family, result a just renovated old...

  Positano Alcione Residence Positano

An ideal position in the breathtaking town of Positano, Residence Alcione is located across the stre...

  Positano La Rosa dei Venti

La Rosa dei Venti of Positano is a wonderfull residence situated in the oldest part of Positano the ...

  Positano Villa degli dei

Four-hundred fifty meters above sea level of the Amalfi Coast sits Nocelle - a precious, pastoral vi...

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Art and culture in Positano
Positano: history, art and culture

How many Positanos are there?
One... and it is undoubtedly unique, but also many, because everyone has their own Positano, a personal relationship to the place, to its history, legends and myths. And to this Positano others are then added, other stories, other tales told by the older generations and by relatives, near and far, friends, acquaintances, travelers and tourists, so many different stories told and jealously protected, events recounted, unchanged, down through the centuries.

Yes, there really are many Positanos in one, and yet it remains always unique, revealing itself to those who live it, to those who visit it... day by day, step by step, as they ascend and descend its staircases. Justly proud, Positano offers us an infinite variety of perspectives, of views new and old, as it rises from the edge of the sea, extending up the mountains until it nearly touches the sky. It has an unequaled magical quality, taking us on a journey within and beyond ourselves, a dream-like encounter with worlds visible and invisible. No one ever really leaves Positano, at least not those who fall in love with it, with the history written here in the air, in the smooth stones of the retaining walls and the houses, in the mountains and even in the sea...
Here history breathes and lives, at least for those who open themselves to it. History, like a jewelery box on which the dust of time settles, but which can be opened up and read like a diary, like a photo album, showing us who we have been and, like an uninterrupted voice, resonating within us, like a lullaby, a song... a whisper. And this is what we will do together, dear visitor, through our collective imagination, with no claim to factual accuracy, which we leave to those more competent than we. Such as Professor Giuseppe Gargano who, with the commitment and energy of a detective, has dedicated himself to the search for certain, concrete facts, leaving nothing to the imagination, no false witness, or rather, interpretation.

And he himself has often told us that while local legends may not be always totally faithful to history, they always are in their own way. And so the story we are going to tell, to relive, nevertheless has the right to be called history... the history of people, of a community, the history of the Pearl of the Amalfi Coast. This article, to call it that, is dedicated to Enrico Talamo who, with his book, "History of the Monograph of Positano", was its first chronicler. We hope only that he looks kindly down upon us and pardons us for having taken a few liberties... As if an enchanting breeze was wafting in from the sea, opening the pages of a book resting on a rock... and the veil of time magically falls...

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