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Typical Praiano Amalfi Coast Restaurant and Italian country cooking school Positano Amalfi Coast Italy
Positano Services e Shopping Francesco Fusco Fineco Financial Promoter in Positano Amalfi Coast

The treasures of the Mother Church of Positano

Hotels Positano Hotel Eden Roc Positano accommodations in Amalfi Coast

For those traditional tourists who wish to visit Positano and its many places and monuments worthy of admiration, one should consider a walk through the Parish Church.
Amongst the many places of worship along the Amalfi Coast, the Parish Church of Positano (also known as the Mother Church of Positano, or the Church of the Assumption of Positano) is a particularly interesting one to visit.
Around the 7th century, for the first time, Brasilian monks consecrated the construction of the building and during the course of the following years, many other interventions occurred which finally resulted in its complete transformation.”.
Amongst the most interesting of the works found inside the church, on the greater alter, one can admire the famous icon of the so-called Black Madonna of Positano, completed in the XII century.  Alongside this image one also finds the legend of Posa Posa.

Artigianato, servizi, falegnameria, lavorazione artigianale, lavoro del legno

  A second story, and unlikely that it can in fact be verified, is that of the Icon of Positano, which arrived on the Amalfi Coast directly from the East, following the beginning of the Iconoclastic Era (VIII century).  Another version of the story is that the image of the Madonna was stolen from an unidentified locality, but the thieves, perhaps Saracens, who were fleeing, left the icon on the beach of Positano.  Afterwards a mysterious voice was heard calling, “Posa Posa”..
Today the Church of Saint Maria Assunta of Positano is constructed as a Latin cross, with a nave and two aisles.  Along the lateral naves, between the other, one can admire Saint Biagio, the Immaculate Conception, Saint Antonio, Saint Anna, Saint Nicola, Saint Vito, Saint Maria della Grazie, The Annunciation and on the other side, a magnificent Crucifix..
A little way from the Parish Church of Positano, one will find the bell tower (realised in 1707), the Oratory Chapel of Positano (today a place of significant devotional expression, on a local scale), the lapidary of Positano (which its diverse ancient marble tombstones) and the Crypt, which probably originated in the XII century.

Accessori Moda ..

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Positano Accessori Positano, una nuova azienda che continua la tradizione di famiglia e che si speci...

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