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Four-hundred fifty meters above sea level of the Amalfi Coast sits Nocelle - a precious, pastoral vi...

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Knowing Positano: Tourist guide suggestions

Hotels Positano Hotel Eden Roc Positano accommodations in Amalfi Coast

For those who wish to know Positano deeply, besides what you learn from our site, a traditional Positano tourist guide is worth considering.  In this case, there is enough choice and valuable information indexed in these traditional Positano tourist guides, which  comply with the general tone of Positano tourist guides.
This is the case in “Positano, the Vertical City”, written by Romolo Ercolino and published by Nicola Longobardi, the editor in 2007.  This book is rich with magnificent photographs and one could almost consider it a photographic encyclopedia about Positano.  It contains magnificent images that represent, amongst others, the panorama’s of Positano, vista’s of Positano, monuments of Positano, things for sale in Positano, flora of Positano, typical local products of Positano and in particular, the handmade activities to be found in Positano, restaurants in Positano and many other aspects of Positano.
Forming the largest part of the published photographs is a collection of images which create a great wealth of knowledge, taken by Nicola Longabardi and Luigi Ercolino, which demonstrate the capacity of the images to talk of the sun.
Not to take anything of value from the contents elaborated on by Romolo Ercolino would be a pity as this is in fact almost a voluntary testimony of creating a small encyclopedia about Positano and succeeds in presenting almost all salient aspects of Positano life.
In his work, which declares its rightful place amongst other works such as Monograph of the city of Positano by Errico Talamo and of Stories of Positano by Giuseppe Vespoli, the author is very successful in forming historical stories of unquestionable value, and many aspects are confronted without diminishing the value of the book, they perfectly absolve the role of Positano tourist information points.
The same print of the book offers clear indications  in this sense.

Artigianato, servizi, falegnameria, lavorazione artigianale, lavoro del legno

After the chapter titled “Sfogliando pagine di Storia” (that contain studies on:  The Mountain of Gold, Positano, 12th October 1811, II 900), in fact Romolo Ercolino suggests another chapter titled “The Itineraries of the Memory” (with specific referrals to:  “The Paths of the Gods”, “Li Galli” and “The Roman Villa”.
In effect,  if they accentuate the chapters dedicated to “The Handmade Activities” (with details about the various buildings you will see around town:  the mills, olive presses, the lace tombola’s, the limestone and charcoal burners, and the three “suburbs of Positano” (Montepertuso, Nocella and Laurito), “The Natural Formations” (the grottoes, Mother and Child), and “The Gastronomia” (with information on: the products, historical restaurants and local cuisine), almost all the other chapters are shared by the individual’s choice of argument in secondary themed itineraries.
And so others have already remembered “the itineraries of the memory”, where one finds such interesting news relative to “The Itineraries of The Faith” and “The Itineraries of History”.
.In the first field are contained valuable ‘cards’ on: the New Church (Chiesa Nuova) district, the New Church (Chiesa Nuova), the Church of Saint Giovanni, the Church of Saint Matteo, the Church of Rosario, the Parish Church of Assunta, the Oratory Chapel,  the Lapidary, the cript, the bell tower, the district of Fornillo and Saint Margaret, the Church of Saint Margaret, the district of Liparlati, the Church of Saint Giacomo and the churches now long-gone.
In the historical district instead, one pauses on: the watch towers, the 8th century villa’s, the cemetary and the oasis of the Porta Valley.
A further chapter, moreover, could have been titled “Between Culture and Folklore” and one could pause on: the religious festivals, secular festivals, and cultural manifestations, as well as the art galleries.
One draws a conclusion that this is indeed a truly complete book.  For this reason alone it is not necessary to further consider a Positano guide.

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